Fire extinguishers are one of the most popular fire fighting equipment worldwide. There are two main kinds of fire extinguishers available. In saved pressure fire extinguishers, the expellant is stored in the container itself while for created stress fire extinguishers; the expellant is in one more storage location. These 2 fire extinguishers can additionally be damaged down right into water, foam, completely dry powder, co2, damp chemical and class D powder fire extinguishers. Just 5 classes of fire are identified in the UK. They are Class A to D and F. With the emergence of modern technology, you can currently obtain the fire extinguisher to your house without moving an inch. The objective of the fire extinguisher bracket is to hold the fire extinguisher in position. They are band brace, wall brace and lorry brace. Fire extinguishers need maintenance to make certain serviceability. The 3 major types of maintenance are fundamental solution, extended service and overhaul.