Right here is a listing of typical supplements as well as the benefits and drawbacks connected with every one of them: -Beta – Carotene: Food Resources – Spinach, Carrots, Lettuce, tomatoes, Broccoli, Sweet potatoes. Cons -May boost the risk of colon cancer. Pros -Needed for the correct functioning of sugars, fats, and healthy proteins in the body. -Vitamin C: Food Resources – Citrus Fruits, tomatoes, melons. So, don't just take place standing out the tablets without consulting. Pros – Aids in protecting against Heart problem, Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Disadvantages – High doses of Vitamin E supplements may boost the danger of strokes, obscured vision, very easy bleeding, weakness and wooziness. Verdict – To stay clear of these side effects, it is suggested to switch to healthy food resources because no research study had the ability to show the provided benefits of the vitamin E supplements.