Egyptian Skin: Ageless Skin Without Going For The Botox

Egyptian SkinEgyptian Skin :- “You know honey I love your skin the way it is now, you don’t have to shell out your hard earned money on these anti-aging creams. Stop losing your mind to look young accept this that it is never going to happen”

It feels great that your husband loves you the way you look but I am not using the anti-aging cream for him. I want to feel skin confidant and with these fine lines and wrinkles on my skin I always have to resort to the layers of makeup on my skin and I am done with it. I cannot wake up early to do the contouring and with the onset of dawn run to the restroom to do touch up.

I guess it is pretty normal to start your hunt when you turn 30 because at this time around the aging signs starts to occur and takes a toll on your beauty. After trying almost so many anti-aging cream (I forget the numbers) and shelling hundreds of dollar on them I have finally got my product and it is called Egyptian Skin.

My skin feels tight and firmer with each usage. So if you are like me who got disappointment instead of results from the anti-aging then choose this cream. For more information, care to read my full unbiased review of the same.

Egyptian Skin Trial

In an essence what Egyptian Skin is all about?

From the introduction you know by then that it is an anti-aging cream but not just any cream which claims to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. To do this it penetrates in your skin to boost the level of collagen. Haven’t heard of collagen, then allow me to tell you a little about it.

Our skin has a natural protective shield which is there to protect itself from the damage our skin continuously goes through but as we age many things start to change. With the added responsibility, it is easy to skip over the required nutrients our skin needs. Working round the clock doesn’t leave much time to pamper our skin. When all these factors get combined leads to breakage of the protective layer. Now this layer is called connective tissue and what keeps it strengthen is collagen. That is why collagen is added in the Egyptian Skin formulation.

With continued usage, your skin will get a boost of collagen which further help your skin to reduce the damage. Result? The depth of your wrinkles will get lessen and your face starts to look more toned.

Working of Egyptian Skin

But how does this work?

Egyptian Skin works with the help of collagen. In reality, the molecules of collagen aren’t easy to sink into the skin this is why hydrolyzed collagen are being added in Egyptian Skin. It helps to boost elasticity into the skin due to the presence of high grade of gelatin in it. Through this, your skin gets soft and smooth which will eventually reduce the appearance of aging signs from your face. It also includes amino acids which strengthen the surface layer of your skin and make it firm.

How should I use this cream?

Due to the silky texture it has, it is very easy to incorporate this cream into your skin care regimen. All you have to do to get the flawless skin which is free from the aging signs is to follow the below mention steps in an order.

  • STEP 1:- Wash your face and a neck with a cleanser meant for your skin type. Choosing cleanser for your skin type is important in the case your skin doesn’t break out.
  • STEP 2:- After softly patting your skin with the towel, scoop out the required quantity of Egyptian Skin on your palm and dot it all over your face and cover your neck too. Take a pea-sized of this cream and dab it under your eyes carefully to prevent it from getting under the eyes.
  • STEP 3:- Now the final step is all about the proper massaging. Like I said above this cream have a silky texture and it is capable of sinking into the skin on its own still, I would advise you to massage your skin with your fingers. This will cause your skin to stimulate and ensures proper blood circulation. Gently massage your under eye skin too.

Don’t you think these three steps are far much easy to remember than choosing which cosmetic surgery to choose from?! Anyhow, when you do these above steps every day you will start to see how your skin has started to glow and in no time your aging signs will be reduced. But you know we are constantly exposed to the pollution, so to retain the results I would suggest you to continue doing applying this for minimum 60 days

Take a look at what others have been saying about Egyptian Skin

  • Mia, 35 says “I have never thought my skin will ever look so smooth and soft. Thank god to Egyptian Skin for helping me to look as per my age.
  • Kiara, 40 feels “I have accepted that my skin will look lifeless no matter whatever I use but when I used Egyptian Skin oh boy what a cream it is. My skin looks so glowing and tighter after using this for a month.

Egyptian Skin Buy Now

From where to buy?

Purchase Egyptian Skin from the link given below. You can also avail the sample bottle of this cream by just paying the shipping charges which are $4.95

What extra care do I need to keep in my while using this anti-aging cream?

Every product comes with a few extra precautionary measures, it is there so that you can get its full benefits. From the above, you must have got to know how you should use this cream now keep in mind that you follow those steps twice every day on a clean face. Do this once in the morning and lastly at the time when you are sleeping after the cleansing and toning routine. This cream is designed for the adult skin so make sure that you keep it out of the reach of children and minors. By now you know what are its ingredients but what you don’t know how sensitive it is to the external environment so to prevent this cream from getting contaminated it is recommended to close the lid after ever usage and keep it in the dark and cool place.

Egyptian Skin Trial

My skin has few scars can I use this cream over it?

I would advise you to not to do it without the recommendation from a doctor as this cream might cause some side effects to them.

My skin is very sensitive and other anti-aging creams I have used in the past has broken my skin so much that I still use concealer to hide those marks. Should I still go for it?

I understand your situation because I have been there too. It is not easy to choose products for this particular skin type but when it comes to this anti-aging cream I’d say go ahead. I have personally used it and considering my skin it has suited me very well. Also, the company claims that it is composed with every skin type in mind. With that being said, I don’t know the degree of your sensitivity so it would better if you do the patch test beforehand. To do this, just dab a little of Egyptian Skin on the less sensitive area and leave it for the few hours. If that area tingles you then consult your dermatologist and if it doesn’t then you are good to go.

Where to Buy Egyptian Skin

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