Now I make sure the majority of the Flex programmers would certainly have got the possibility to try out the latest variation of Flex which is Flex 4. Codenamed “Gumbo” it had an open development procedure on Adobe’s open resource website. While a Flex designer makes sure to see some changes in the most up to date version there are few features that have continued to be unchanged. But do not be dissatisfied due to the fact that those features which have changed make sure to make a large distinction for any kind of programmer working with a huge Flex development job. Why they are utilized? Namespaces assist identify the language variations in which the application is constructed; notify compiler concerning the place where the personalized parts are conserved along with make a decision scope with which the XML tag can be matched to a specific ActionScript course. Therefore components of both Flex 3 and also Flex 4 particularly Halo and also Glow display their very own namespaces. In the previous version of Flex that is Flex 3 states demonstrated how visual aspects can be subtracted or included from the visual layer programmatically with similar tags for style, occasions as well as building alteration. In ordinary basic words states allows a Flex designer to efficiently utilize the aesthetic aspects to make effective modifications to the UI. Flex 4 hasnumerous renovations relative to states which have been established by derogating tags used formerly.