Flex has actually been prominent because its intro in the market and is widely used by Flex programmers for creating abundant web applications which would certainly leave people enthralled. During the advancement process Flex 4 was code named Gumbo. It was established on the open resource site implying programmers from worldwide can create, transform or edit the code. While most of the attributes of Flex 3 stay unmodified there were a couple of functions which saw some adjustments. There are 3 major reasons that namespaces are utilized in Flex, they can be detailed as below: 1) Allows Flex designer recognize the language variation of the language being made use of. 2) Helps map XML tag to Actionscript by divulging the scope. Therefore all parts will be declared in their own namespaces. 2 )There are opportunities that the fx: Private tag will certainly consist of addedfeatures to make it much easier to utilize. 3 )fx: Collection has been made multiple-use. Both Flash Gamer 10 as well as Flex 4 will be now able to deliver FXG based visual aspects like bitmaps, masks, slopes, alphas etc. Besides this Flash Driver has a lot more results that makes making use of the effects easier. Layout is one more section which has seen enhancements with the incorporation of Application tag intended to display all the three layouts each time. This would make sure absolutely no failures since the flash programmer missed out on to consist of a variable.