Adobe Flex offers the needed RIA advancement system. Considering that its creation in 2004, it has created much better Flex variations at regular periods. The latest one is called Flex 4 and it makes use of the Glow architecture. The Flex developer has to his or her disposal, library through which he or she applies 2D/3D vector graphics, computer animations, multimedia, company analytics graphics as well as charts features. The Flicker architecture in the Flex 4 allows the Flex designer to function together with developer. The open resource nature of Flex makes it fairly easy for the designers to access the most up to date devices as well as Flex variations to produce spectacular RIA at a very inexpensive. This supplies him or her one-upmanship over the various other programmers that make use of technologies like Microsoft Silverlight, which is not an open source application. The Flex developer utilizes all the readily available Flex devices to create spectacular RIAs, which take a breath life right into the website. The latest offering from the Flex family, Flex 4, additionally sustains HTML5 and also CSS3. The Flex programmer contends his/her disposal extremely useful testing device referred to as Flex Ape. The device allows the developer to rapidly look for any coding regressionand re-factor it promptly. Thus Flex programmer enjoys an audio technical support from the Adobe Flex family, which is spread around the globe.