The brand-new technologies in Flex development procedure has actually resulted in production of numerous open resource structures. Cairngorm framework permits the task to be scaled down right into little components. Each module is developed by a group of Flex programmers and several such groups work parallel, but independent of each various other. Craingorm allows is development of complicated RIA applications with multiple use-cases and also sights. It complies with MVC style pattern and also this consists of three layers: model, sight and controller. This is actually an ActionScript 3 framework and also offers RIA programmers some really convenient tools to establish Cross platform abundant applications. 3 > Model-Glue:-This is another basic MVC based Flex framework. This framework is rather lighter to the other frameworks like Cairngorm. 5 > Guasax Flex Framework:-It is a programming kind of structure that provides a well structured and also scalable Flex applications. Guasax framework is based upon the MVC pattern as well as supplies the Flex developer the possibility to use the XML file to configure the activities in business reasoning. ARP 6 > Ariaware: -RIA System or ARP is among the oldest frameworks of the Flash Community as well as established as ActionScript based framework.