Flex application presented “no-refresh” idea and also high user experience with graphical representation of the information. Flex application gives incredible development in the online company application with the assistance of RIA modern technology. It has rich set of the conventional controls which helps flex designer to create out of package flex application for the consumer’s organisation need. The Flex application runs a light-weight plug-in on the customer web browser for this reason providing the much desired cross-browser capability. The Flex application is a client-server application where the RIA operates on the customer internet browser as well as connects dynamically with the web server database. For the front-end Flex growth utilizes the MXML markup language for executing application UI and navigating. For the back-end partnership Flex deals with server-side scripting languages such as. 2)Ability to develop customized component. 4)Rich user interface with enhanced information controls. 9)No need of high-end web server to deploy it. 10)Assistance different technologies like. Net, PHP, Java, Perl, ColdFusion, Ruby. Flex application advancement adapted in various market segments like trading application,ecommerce internet site, company intelligent application, Consumer relationship management(CRM), forex application as well as a lot more. Lots of big companies are moving from their existing old fashion application to internet based flex application. As the Flex applications come as lightweight plug-ins they mount rapidly and also problem-free. The Flex applications are available in 2 kinds-internet applications and desktop computer applications. While the internet applications run on the client browser the desktop applications are mounted on the desktop itself as well as run on the runtime environment called Adobe Integrated Runtime(AIR). Each business needs to obtain an RIA improved the Flex system for getting better efficiency and ROI from their organisations.