My Unbiased Review About Christie Brinkley Recapture 360

Have you ever wondered how fast our face develops lines as soon as we enter 30’s? In this stressful and hectic lifestyle, our skin tends to look several years older, if we do not take care of it at the right time. I was really concerned about my look, but was unaware of the right technique to get rid of aging signs. I was not in the favor of going under the knife as I was really horrified by their side effects. New Recapture 360 Wrinkle Reduction and New Recapture 360 Night Treatment, which is a combo pack I was suggested to use by my doctor. This is natural and effective. Read to know how…

New-Recapture-360-Wrinkle-ReductionStep 1 – New Recapture 360 Wrinkle Reduction

This is the best formula to help reduce wrinkles in a better way.

What is it?

This is an advanced age-defying day cream that is created to support the natural production of collagen and diminishes the look of visible aging signs. The formula works to reduce the undesired fine lines and deep wrinkles from your skin and promotes a healthy age-defying results. It undoubtedly delivers the incredible anti-aging results to recapture your youthful look.

Ingredients of New Recapture 360 Wrinkle Reduction

Neodermyl, Mitostime, K Vita C, Aquaxyl, Elix-IR and Sytenol A are some of the major ingredients of this solution. All these ingredients are thoroughly checked and are completely safe and effective to use.


Does it Work?

The product helps to support healthier collagen and elastin production that improves the density, elasticity and firmness of the skin. It is formulated with + IR Defense in order to give your skin full spectrum sun protection against UVB, UVA and Infrared damage. This formula evens the look of your skin tone and texture as well as protecting your skin against free radical damage. With this solution, one can easily restore the youthful appearance of the aging skin.

At least, I’m satisfied with the results the above mentioned product provided to me. Also, you can combine the 2nd product of this combo pack with the former one to get enhanced anti-aging results.

buy-New-Recapture-360-Night-TreatmentStep 2 – New Recapture 360 Night Treatment

Rejuvenate your skin easily with this.

About the Product

This is a prominent anti-aging night restore treatment that is a scientifically advanced formula to reduce and prevent deep wrinkles. It supports the natural night repair process of your skin, replenishes your skin and visibly reduces deep wrinkles and fine lines. Absorbs quickly into the skin, the formula fights the damaging effects from the sun and improves the smoothness, firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Active Compounds

The formula uses Sytenol A, Neodermyl and Chronogen to combat the undesired signs of aging and maintains your youthfulness. These ingredients work to rejuvenate your skin cells and assures you desired anti-aging results.

Working of New Recapture 360 Night Treatment

The formula works to recapture the youthful and radiant appearance of your skin and revitalizes as well as reversing the visible aging signs. It drastically improves the look of your problematic skin and improves, revive and protects the look of your delicate aging skin. The formula works 24 hours in your skin to make you look younger and more beautiful than ever. Created to support the replenishment of your skin needs at night, it can help you get real results.


Steps to a Younger Look

  • Step 1 – Wash your face with a gentle cleanser before applying the solution
  • Step 2 – Apply New Recapture 360 Wrinkle Reduction on your skin in the day time, and New Recapture 360 Night Treatment at night before going to bed
  • Step 3 – Massage the formula properly on your skin until it gets absorbed, and use on a daily basis

Side Effects or Problems?

Absolutely not! I have used this combo pack, and trust me, I haven’t found anything as effective as this solution. Free from harmful effects, both the products of this pack are safe to use that assure satisfactory results. It contains only pure and natural ingredients that are clinically approved, therefore effective and promising to use.


  • Supports your skin’s repair process
  • Prevents skin from dehydration while you sleep
  • Reduces the look of crow’s feet, wrinkles and lines
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Reduces visible effects of sun damage
  • Strongly recommended by famous dermatologists


  • Not for people under 30
  • Not easily available at retail stores

My Experience

I enjoyed using this combo pack, and the results it provided me truly impressed me. It erased the visible aging signs from my skin and helped me look younger than my actual age. I used both the products religiously as a result, they helped me achieve the results I wanted for long. I feel proud to say that this wonderful combo pack worked beyond my expectations. Highly recommended!

Where to Buy?

Get your exclusive combo pack of New Recapture 360 Wrinkle Reduction and New Recapture 360 Night Treatment by simply visiting their official websites. You can further ask your risk-free trial pack, which is easily available online.


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