They can be conveniently kept under a bed or off the beaten track and you can use them for a total body workout. You will certainly locate numerous workouts to choose from so for the top 5 pinhead exercises keep reading. The initial point individuals think about when speaking about dumbbells is the bicep crinkle. This is one of the simplest to do. To begin stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend the arm at the arm joint in a slow as well as controlled activity as well as turn the wrist so the hand is dealing with up as you lift. Reduced slowly and repeat with the various other arm. The overhead press is designed to function the shoulder muscle mass. Return to the resting setting gradually as well as repeat. The ideal workout for the triceps is the triceps expansion. Sit on a chair as well as hold one pinhead in both hands over the head. Do this slowly as well as do not let the weight touch the neck or head. With a pinhead in each hand and also thumbs pointing in the direction of each various other raise the weights. Gradually lower them as well as repeat. This is excellent for toning the breast as it targets the top chest muscles. You can also make use of pinheads for a lower body workout. Do this gradually for the best results. When you are comfortable doing more than 10 you must raise the weight.