Irvin General Supervisor FESCO Fire Equipment Service Company www. com Fire Explained What is Fire? By: Michael T. However, you understand it is when you see it, feel it, or see the damage that it can create if unmanageable. Many times you will check out that fire is the combination of warm, oxygen and fuel in the ideal percentages to result in a chain reaction called oxidation. Or when it comes to a fire the reaction can cause fast oxidation. When it comes to fire, this rapid oxidation might be seen in the type of a flame. A fire can likewise occur without see a fire as in the case of charcoal gradually shedding. It can be argued that there is a lot of heat created by the friction of the flint hitting another item. However, everybody would concur that there is no adjustment in the temperature level in the location bordering the flint. To better recognize this concept, think about a old flint discharged rifle being fired in a freezer. This can also be seen with lighting strike which creates fires. The call with the lighting and a tree, home or various other item can cause burning of the object. But, it really may be drizzling and awesome when this chemical reaction takes place. As soon as combustion happens then three elements are entered into play. They are heat, oxygen and gas. This is since a fire requires oxygen in order to keep burning. Separating a fire and cutting off oxygen will result in the extinguishing of the fire.